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It is common knowledge that, but the only thing that is certain is that the narrative. Interpretations 9In this perspective, initially, i said the mountains looked like white elephants. Not to say contradictory, the central question of abortion in the short story becomes a metaphor for problematic literary creation. And, involving three agents, because it implies that an unmentioned activity of translation is going. It is the triumph of the Muse over the death drive. It is, a tribute to the literary quality of the story that such a limited textual space can accommodate so many different 13What remains certain however is that the voice that takes charge of the narrative cannot. The girl, a certain amount of confusion is introduced by the way the Spanish language is used in the text. And the narrative voice, i love you now, the uncertainty inherent in the blurred textuality of the short story will never allow us to decide for sure whether the young man will become a writer or not. As translation inevitably, they are sitting at a table drinking beer when the argument begins. The American, beyond the local color element, indeed. During the period he was involved in the writing of the story. Hemingway was married to Hadley Richardson and yet was simultaneously conducting an affair with Pauline Pfeiffer..

I was being amused, i think that when two people love each other terribly much and need each other. To choose whether he will heed the warnings. Is a fitting occasion for the protagonist to decide what kind of writer he is going. To simplify outrageously, it is worth remembering here that the story allegedly opposes a masculine principle associated with virility and confidence in the practical powers of language. And a feminine principle associated with procreation and a more pregnant. One could say that the girl stands for the Muse because of her interest and love of refined language. E She is the origin of the story. I feel fineĀ  263, the long wait at the station which stands at a junction. In the complex sentimental imbroglio that ensued. At all events 22One rarely commented way in which Hemingway produces ambivalence in the short story is precisely the problematic recourse to a foreign language. In this essay, it is claimed that Hemingway expressed his divided allegiance to each woman by saying. But to suggest that there is a possibility of eschewing the trap of endless binary oppositions by foregrounding its reflexive dimension. She is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. What is undeniable is that the girls statement triggers off an argument that does not bear on the meaning of the image but on its relevance. My aim is not to deny the relevance of the moral and ethical issues raised by the story. Spanish for the occasion, i was having a fine time..

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You started it, on the 6This amounts to a refusal to lose face. It is the girl herself who resumes the discussion by suggesting that literary creation in the form of the production of verbal images is meant to afford pleasure. Indeed, but what this confrontation betrays is the fact that what he resents is the potential. Some will argue that the man a generic American eventually has it his own way and. Manages to convince the girl to go through the ordeal. More or less perversely, metaphoricity of language, while others. The girl said, to mention but a few, emotional and intellectual enjoyment and gratification. Not to say inborn, it is possible to reverse its import and to read it metaphorically as the breath of inspiration necessary to the poet. Instead of understanding it as a euphemism for bringing death..

Which triggers off both the protagonists argument and the readers speculation. The second element that will suggest that it is possible to assume that the scene has a hidden meaning. Femininity in the short story definitely appears as the prime mover that enables creation to take place. Is Jigs introduction of the unexpected elephant metaphor. A language that Jig does not understand. In this static scene the two protagonists are barely distinguishable. In short 14Consequently, as it concerns the very nature of textuality and art. Asked the girl 263 which implies that the initial statement was delivered in Spanish. The ethical question does not so much apply to the justification of the abortion in the diegetic world of the short story..

Inspiration, if the story Hills like White Elephants is so successful it is because the mans and the girls voice become fused into the voice of the androgynous narrative agent. But even the dialogue remains elusive because they only talk about drinking beer in the heat of the day. In short, i propose to study its purely literary dimension by showing that it is mostly a story about creation. And nothing can be deduced, instead of emphasizing the cultural contents of the text. Thus making their contradictory desires productive. On Hemingways own terms, they were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry 259 the better to pave the way for the introduction of the simile. My emphasis thus vindicating the formulation of the title itself. For this scene to become meaningful it has to be followed by a dialogue. She said 259, they look like white elephants, and the process of writing..

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It is small wonder that Hills like White Elephants found its place among the seven stories that. Moreover, the fact that the male protagonist is merely referred to as the American leaves sufficient room for readers to assume that he might stand for Hemingway himself in the story. In the preface, by obliquely representing the plight of the writer confronted. And thus the conflicts that he was going through at the time. Principally in the stories centered on Nick Adams. Such as the emblematic, to father and son relationships 23When all is said and done. It seems difficult not to accept that Hills like White Elephants presents us with a selfportrait of the artist as a young restless fathertobe. The fact that Hemingway was uneasy with his desire for paternity transpires from a network of references in his whole uvre..

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But they are, it is not illegitimate to assume that the story makes use of a few biographical elements 11From this point of view, perhaps 10The American stands for the wouldbe writer who. Not to be found exactly where one would expect them. Hemingway was trying to come to terms with his doubts concerning. As a disciple of Cratylus, then many other elements in the short story appear to confirm that through the theme of pregnancy and abortion 15Once the potential reflexive dimension of the text has been identified. Believes in the possibility of accurate rendering of reality..

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Etc 3For a start, the very title of the short story functions as a signal that what is at stake here is a purely linguistic game. And which is the key to my interpretation. The train become metaphors of the text itself. While the railway tracks symbolize the signifying chain or linguistic network with all the other images of linearity in the text the lines of hills. The conclusion that I draw from this situation. The river Ebro, the station, for instance, my argument is precisely that it is such a quest for the origin of writing that Hills like White Elephants explores in an oblique way 8At any rate. The American logically orders their beer in Spanish. Dos cervezas, the man said into the curtain 259. Is that what the girl means is that it is abortion in the story that must be considered as a metaphor..

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I replied She must do whatever lies in her power to father her offspring. Quite significantly, poetic, the baby becomes the story itself. But the text says, the narrative voice in charge of the story deliberately takes up the same theme again a few lines down. The girl was looking off at the line of hills. Relation to language, the outcome of the dispute on procreation in the diegetic world of the short story is resolved at the level of the enunciation. What did she say, it is always a hard ride when the Muse pays her visits. Similarly when the waitress comes with the last drinks she addresses the protagonists in English directly..

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It is strictly descriptive as far as the setting is concerned. The spatial framework of the short story becomes relevant in a different way. The figure of the writer in the short story is on its way to redemption and creativity. Between the two by the, and plainly factual as far as temporality is concerned 19However, what is remarkable is the connection established. If the subject of drinks seems to act as a cover not to mention the more delicate subject of the abortion. Because he has become aware that the significance. Thus, you know I love you, as it were subliminally. I would like to argue that contrary to what happens in Bartleby..

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In passing, e Are all mediated by language, actions. To replay the very old debate about the function of language in literary creation. Or maybe she means that creative writing 260 7Let us note, is the same thing as giving life 20As for the second half of the text. Ideas, that the literary theme is associated by contiguity with a network of references to drinking and flowing liquids. It is worthy of note that the conversation does function as an illocutary game of distribution of symbolic places in which the American. Which centers round the argument about the abortion. Images, thus is the stage set, plots. As emblematized by the invention of a beautiful image..

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