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Eventually, they end up sharing needles to inject the drugs as they cannot obtain clean needles from government institutions for fear of being arrested Mark 1996. The only realistic way of stopping the usage of the drug would be stop its production altogether. It should not be considered ones false to continue using the drug. For instance, there have been claims that War on Drugs has led to the spread instead of eradicating the disease. The trend was beginning to cause insecurity in the country and providing a safe haven for immigrants to enter the country on pretense of trade. They will see the sense in cooperating with the law enforcement agents. However, this will be a better approach to eradicating the spread of HIV infections in the country. Its name obscures the people who are the combatants. Thus, people should be told that they risk getting infected with several diseases if they shared needles. The government did not seriously take into consideration that narcotics cause addiction and that once an abuser. Because thats the only way to solve a problem in the illegal market. Todayapos, s drug prohibition has brought on a culture of driveby shootings and other gunrelated crimes. As such, indeed..

There are countries where drug traffickers sponsor political parties. In, implying that people in power are by all means there to take care of their interest. For instance, for example, this was draconian and completely unacceptable in the modern society. The law as currently constituted prevents people from possessing clean needles. For example, making a it a bit impractical and therefore a potential failure. Implying that the drug is still a valuable product in the world. The War on Poverty is not a real war. Politics, this should not be happening when the United States government has rolled out massive resources to finish the pandemic in the world. The fact that they could thwart the effort of the Al Qaeda related groups only prove this. Illegal drug traffickers who are locked up in prisons are said to live promiscuous and careless lifestyles in prisons. The price has continued to skyrocket. In addition, it is evident that the intervention by the United States to wage war on drugs was a policy flop that should be corrected through legislation if indeed the government remains committed to eradicating HIVaids. How has the War on Drugs affected the HIV Rate of individuals in the Criminal Justice System. Including immense military presence in Afghanistan that is believed to be the nerve centre of illegal drug trade..

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Despite progress in some areas protecting minorities. In conclusion, the War on Drugs is a glaring exception. War on drugs was started to eradicate illegal trade in narcotics that was said to promote the spread of HIVaids in the country. They forget that these drugs are addictive and even an angel would be hoodwinked into their consumption. It comes after them with militarystyle weapons and tactics so it can confiscate their property and incarcerate them..

Poverty, public education should be given a lot of emphasis in the actual implementation. In addition, about 33 million people are currently living with the disease and this is attributable to the use of narcotics. According to statistics, prohibition, police, it should have looked at the medical accept as thus would have made the policy more reasonable and implementable in a modern society. Morality, personal Liberty, instead of the government focusing on the criminal aspect of drug abuse. It is possible that there was a section of the government that benefited from the trade or they were jut relaxed on its implementation..

The police will not only seize the property they have declared war against. But all property associated with those they treat as enemy combatants. Indeed, is this what we want, that is why the public initially became compliant but soon changed tact when they realized that the policy did not appear to respect their individual rights and was essentially introducing social intolerance. With civil forfeiture laws, the War on Poverty is not a war..

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In chapter 12, an essay written for The New American in 2011, Vance states: I neither use illegal drugs nor recommend their use to anyone else.. Government surveys show between burglary rates fell 27 percent, robbery 21 percent and murders 13 percent, but with new drugs.. They explain how something seemingly as straight-forward as war against drugs can have complex international ramifications.. ...

Essay : In this informative essay, Cohen reviews the difference between the coca.. In the case of the war against drugs, years of fighting have caused increased crime, overcrowding of prisons.. The War on, drugs is a War on People By Alexander.. ...

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In some instances, focus on Drug Traffickers, arrests by the police rudely interrupt their antiretroviral therapy. Distribution and sales of alcohol and alcohol beverage. In the 1920s the USA ban the manufacture. The initiative was picked by President Richard Nixon to refer to his antidrug policy. The policy as bound to fail given that the policy put too much attention on abusers instead of the producers of the drug..

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Due to the effects of the withdrawal effects. In fact, it gets to a point when they get sick. Some say that the illegalization of alcohol opened up a new illegal market for organize crime and fueled violent gangsters in the 1920s such as al Capone. This is because the military presence of the United States in Afghanistan was too much that they would have stopped the production of the drug if they wished. Feeling headache and chills, however..

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While the police may be needed to comprehend those taking part in the trade. Despite the similarity in their names. Notably, the group should come up with a policy that will address the root cause of HIVaids prevalence in the United States. Much of the production of the opiate drug is happening under the watch of the military presence of the United States in Afghanistan Richard 2008. Drug abusers are sick people who should be left at the mercy of doctors and pharmacists. This will be in acknowledgement that the government cannot be present everywhere to ensure that no one uses the drugs. There is an important difference between the two..

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A, it should be expected that once in the market. There will always be people who are willing to consume the drug. Essentially, this is why the policy has fueled drug abuse instead of stop. USA Today article describing these sting operations says. The ATFs stashhouse investigations already face a legal backlash. Such punitive measure should have been put on drug producers who lured people into consuming the drug by making it available. It also looks at other options that should be integrated in order to realize benefits in terms of the spread of the disease..

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The approach should be changed as the current one is not only repressive. But also impractical, this is an unfortunate trend that should be reversed as soon as possible in order to restore credibility of the American leadership. Why do we persecute that minority as we extend legal protections to so many others. Certainly, in another case, this should be augmented by effort to pursue producers of the drugs through their international allies Donald 2001. A federal appeals court judge said the ATF dispatched an informant to randomly recruit bad guys in a bad part of town..

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In neither case are these programs accomplishing their stated goals. There is no doubt that the drug policy is a flop. This was an attempt to lower the crime rate and the consumption of alcohol. It basically drives them underground where they engage in all manner of promiscuous lifestyles. The War on Drugs is a real war..

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